Cities & Regions

Find out more about living in cities, housing markets and social housing systems around the globe. Find all our articles here.

Collaborative housing

Bottom up approaches solve a number of issues of more traditional provision of social housing. How does it work. Find out more.

Housing for the Global South

The biggest housing challenge is in the Global South. Find out more about housing in developing countries.

Migration to cities

The continuous influx to cities, as result of a socio-economic shift in society will continue for decades. How do we deal with the pressure that this exerts on cities? Read more

Planning & Design

Good planning and housing design improves life in many ways. Read our stories here

Segregation & Inequality

Provision of social housing can be used to separate or to mix people of diffent socio-economic status, ethnic background or age. How do we keep cities undivided? Read our stories here.

Social programs

Housing corporations can influence peoples lives in many more ways than just providing a roof above the head. Read here about social programs in general, and find specific information about elderly, homeless and youth in our subcategories.


Social Housing providers have a geat responsibility in saving energy by upgrading their stock with to state of the art energy efficiency measures. Read here how