5 Cool Public Housing Programs Helping Residents Find Jobs

  1. San Diego Housing Authority: Achievement Academy: SDHC Achievement Academy is the name for the community services division that is married up with the MTW path to success rent reform program.  Components of this resident focused program include a state of the art learning center that includes a computer lab and programs to help residents learn skills and find jobs.  The achievement academy does partake in the FSS program but made some changes with their MTW flexibility.
  2. San Antonio Housing Authority: Jobs Plus: Jobs-Plus is an innovative, place-based, employment and community-building program that focuses on raising the level of employment and earnings among public housing residents. This PHA launched the program sometime around 2011.  What is it exactly?  The main goal is to help the residents in public housing find jobs, increase training and improve skills related to finding work.   Included in this is:
    • Job-search assistance
    • Collaboration with business partners to identify job training and employment opportunities
    • Coaching to help residents adjust to the world of work
    • Vocational training (usually short-term)
    • General Education Development (GED) and English as a Second language (ESL) courses
    • Identify employers willing to work with hard-to-employ residents transitioning to the world of work
    • Identify agencies who assist with starting or running small businesses
    • Other support services (i.e. child care
  3. Chicago Housing Authority: After School Matters:   This program helps youths across the city, including a summer pre-apprenticeship employment program for teenagers aged 14-15.  Kids who join up receive a combination of training and professional skill development from instructors who focus on teaching both the hard skills (e.g. technology, business, science, art or dance) and the soft skills (e.g. problem-solving and teamwork) necessary to function in the workplace.  chicago-1589647_1920
  4. New York City Housing Authority: Resident Academy: The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Resident Training Academy is a cool workforce development program that connects public housing residents to training and careers within the agency.  Partnering agencies prepare the trainees for different opportunities including being caretakers or to work in construction. New York
  5. Baltimore Housing Authority:Apprenticeship and Customized Training (ACT)  This program allows public housing residents to choose different trades and receive free formal classroom and on the job training in that field.  You can visit their website to find more information.  balt

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