4 Public Housing Directors You Should Know About


We here at ^Housing Futures like to highlight the leaders of the affordable housing industry around the world.  Today we are looking at 4 Public Housing leaders who are performing at the highest of levels.


Maggie Merrill- Housing Authority of New Orleans-  Maggie has become a rock-star of sorts in New Orleans.  Currently, Maggie manages the agency’s mixed finance and public housing scattered site properties throughout the city of New Orleans.  Merrill received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bates College and holds a Master of Public Health in Health Education and Communication from the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in addition to completed course work for the Doctorate of Urban Studies Program at the University of New Orleans.  We are interested to see where Maggie’s career goes from here.


Dinesh Indala- Philadelphia Housing Authority- In his role Dinesh,  manages hundreds of employees and a multi million dollar budget encompassing all housing operations, including maintenance, resource planning, deployment, strategic initiative development, and implementation of actionable metrics. In his time at the Philadelphia Housing Authority, he has also accomplished the following:
• Reduced 2012 payroll by $1.4M using lean initiatives to significantly improve work process.
• Developed and implemented 5-year capital improvement strategy, including oversight for building system failures and budget cuts.
• Developed new business and audit procedures and business function for facilities management, ensuring compliance with federal procurement regulations.

bill cook.jpg

Bill Cook- King County Housing Authority- Bill has been with the King County Housing Authority for many years and served as the director of the department for over 10.  He comes to King County with a BA from Flordia State University.  He has a strong knowledge of public housing programs, REAC, property management and everything HUD.  He is known as a go to source of knowledge within the Pacific Northwest for all housing authorities within the region.


Martin Peery- Los Angeles Housing Authority- Martin oversees one of the larger portfolios in the country.  He has worked at the housing authority for many years and has served in a variety of roles working his way up in the organization.  His overall knowledge of affordable housing is impressive and helpful for the organization.  He has a BA from California State University.  We will continue to monitor Martin’s impressive career.

Conclusion:  Are there other leaders we should be highlighting?  Email us at info@housing-futures.org

One thought on “4 Public Housing Directors You Should Know About

  1. This is so awesome and you so deserve ever nit of recognition you received. Thank you for everything conversation we had they were truly appreciated. Keep up the great work. The people of Los Angeles need you.


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