Next International Social Housing Festival in June 2019 in Lyon!

Tuesday 20 March, the president of the Metropolitan Region of Lyon mr. David Kimmelfeld and ms. Anne Warsman, general director d’immobliere Rhône Alpes,  officially announced that the second edition of our International Social Housing Festival will be held June 4th to June 7th 2019 in Lyon. The festival will be organized by the Metropolitan Region of Lyon and AURA (the federation of social housing providers in Auvenge and Rhône-Alpes regions), in close collaboration with the initiators of the Amsterdam edition.

We feel very privileged that we can expand our movement to explore the future of social housing, by linking upcoming societal issues to social housing strategies. Lyon is a great city with big opportunities, which we will definitely address at this second ISHF.

The announcement was made at the end of a round table meeting, organized by Housing Europe and led by Cédric Vanstyvendael, president of Housing Europe. This round table was dedicated to the EU investment in social infrastructure and highlighted the case of Lyon. More info on this meeting can be found at the website of Housing Europe.

Interested in what the first edition of the International Social Housing brought? Check out our online magazine. And to get an impression of how the ISHF in Lyon could look like, you might check out this selection of pictures or this series of news items.

Like the first edition of the ISHF -which was organized by a collective of about 40 parties- we would like to invite everyone involved or interested in housing strategies and societal challenges to join us in organizing this next edition. Are you interested in participating? -Please send your proposal to and we’ll get back to you soon!

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