5 Innovative Homeless Shelters From Around the World

homeless 1

Homelessness is a scourge that still effects every country across the world.  There are many different organizations working on this issue but short-term shelters continue to be a bridge to permanent housing for many homeless.   Below are 5 shelters from around the world that are providing unique services that we wanted to highlight.  Do you know of other shelters doing great work?  Email us at info@housing-futures.org and we will take a look!

1. Transition Projects Portland:

This day center offers up a place for homeless people in the city of Portland, Oregon to go and receive respite from the street.  The interesting thing about this day center is how it is integrated into a place that also has a longer term shelter and housing.  This day shelter offers the following:

Restrooms & ShowersLaundryHaircutsClothingLockersMailID & Birth Certificates

Computer LabOregon Health Plan (OHP)Shelter AccessVeteran ResourcesBarter Services


2. The Navigation Center: Seattle, Washington:

This new shelter just opened up in 2017.  The staff who work here actually partner up with Seattle Police who help connect homeless to this navigation center.  Couples can enter this shelter together and find connections to services,  a 24 hour dining room, showers, and other amenities to help them with hygiene.   The goal will be to help people who enter the shelter move on to permanent housing solutions.   Pets are welcome in this shelter which also increases the usability by homeless citizens of Seattle.

3. Cafe: Berlin, Germany:

This organization helps those who need a place to clean up and rest up.  As well as cleaning facilities, this unique organization helps feed people and also provides some clothes.  They do do a lot of good work to help those who really are in dire need of escaping Berlin’s cold winters.   They are doing a lot of amazing work with refugees and gay people who are having especially difficult situations come up.berlindddd.jpg

4. Blue House Books: Australia:

This interesting shelter has a place for homeless to stay in the back but actually has a book store in the front.  People living at the shelter have the opportunity to work at the bookstore, gain skills and save some money.  Community Medic director Simon Robinson, sold off a lot of his personal wealth to fund this site, another one with a car wash and yet another one with a coffee shop.  This innovative approach is a great way to not only get homeless a place to stay but also get them some experience and money.


5. The Haven Night Shelter: South Africa:

This innovative shelter combines the normal provision of a place to stay with helpful staff who hit the pavement to work with those living on the street.  Once they get the people into the shelter and log them into the homeless database, they work to find family who the homeless person might connect with.  In some situations, they re-connect the people with families and even pay for them to get back home. They have social workers who help each homeless person develop a personal plan.


Homelessness is a horrible thing but we need to take time to celebrate those who are doing innovative work to try helping those with the least.  These 5 shelters are just an example of the amazing work being done.  What other shelters can you recommend?  Email us at info@housing-futures.org


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