5 Largest California PHAs by Public Housing Stock


Below you will see which PHAs in California have the largest public housing portfolios.  Some of these will not be a surprise.

  1. Los Angeles Housing Authority- 7193 units
  2. County of Los Angeles Housing Authority-2962 units
  3. San Francisco Housing Authority-2483 units
  4. Sacramento Housing Authority-1699 units
  5. Contra Costa County Housing Authority- 1137 units

Any surprises here?  Don’t forget that many west coast agencies lean more heavily towards Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) than public housing.

Author: jcrites

Josh Crites is an American social housing professional with both practical and research experience. He has worked at 3 social housing companies in the USA in roles ranging from policy and operations to process improvement and strategy. Josh is a former Alexander von Humboldt German Chancellor Fellow. During that fellowship, Josh researched and worked with social housing companies in Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, England, Estonia and Spain. He is an avid writer and advocate for the provision of social housing around the world.

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