5 of the Smallest Housing Authorities in America


We often talk about large PHAs but there are some tiny babies out there.  When you see the list below it might make you ask why we have not merged and stream-lined programs.  That might be something that should be further discussed but lets examine some of the small PHAs out there.

  1. Crossville Housing Authority, Alabama- 30 units– Talk about small.  I could not find a website but HUD shows them as having only 30 assisted units in their portfolio.  Yikes that is small.  There is a Crossville, Tennessee that has around 350 units.
  2. Dedham Housing Authority, Massachusetts- 24 units- This PHA does have a website.  HUD shows them as having a combined total of 24 units but their website shows an additional 300 units of section 8 vouchers in addition to the 24 units.
  3. Housing Authority of the City of Waynesboro (HACW)-50 units-  This organization serves it’s small community with public housing units. They do not have a website.
  4. Gresham Housing Authority, Nebraska- 12 units- Yikes this is small.  I am guessing you have an Executive Director that knows how to conduct a REAC inspection and turn a wrench.
  5. East Jordan Housing Commission, Michigan- 28 units- It looks like they let the department of commerce run their programs or at least provide the office space.  I am not sure how they are staffed but perhaps the city lends I.T., maintenance and financial supports.

Conclusion: This is just a sampling of the smaller PHAs out there.  What do you think?  Should smaller PHAs be merged or do they serve a purpose because they understand their communities better?

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