Affordable Housing Development in Senegal


This article comes to us from our friends at UrbaMonde.  Please visit their site at

The urbaDTK project aims to develop the capacity of urban planning of the residents of marginalized neighborhoods. The project has its origins in an initiative of a collective of associations of the Djiddah Thiaroye Kao municipalities, which has been exploring sustainable solutions to the regular floodings of the periphery of Dakar since 2005. Currently, the project is being implemented by the Senegalese Federation of Inhabitants, members of Slum Dwellers International, and with the support of urbaSEN, its local support NGO.

Phase 1 (2010 – 2013)  Reduce flooding and real estate risks through coordinated planning

Phase 2 (2014 – 2017) Rebuild 300 flooded houses

  • Strengthen community savings targeted to habitat projects (women’s saving groups)
  • Support residents in project management
  • Strengthen the capacities of local craftspeople
  • Support the development of a national federation with the aim to represent the interests of the inhabitants of marginalized communities.


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