4 Innovative Public Housing Directors You Should Know

jef pat.jpg

Innovation and public housing has not always gone hand in hand.  However; things are changing and we are finding housing authorities are leading the way in innovation and housing.  Innovation often needs leadership and today we are examining 4 leaders you should know.

  1. Andrew Lofton-Seattle Housing Authority- From creating a policy department to pushing the boundaries on education and housing, Andrew has pushed the Seattle Housing Authority to continuously innovate and look for ways to improve.  In recent years, he has encouraged lean process improvement to get rid of waste.  The Seattle Housing Authority is piloting a new moving to opportunity program and looking for ways to increase opportunities for the agency’s residents.
  2. Jeffery K. Patterson- Cuyahoga Metro Housing Authority- Jeffery has helped lead one of the country’s largest PHAs into the future by pushing technology gains, innovation in housing operations and development.   The PHA continues to rehab and build new affordable housing creating opportunities for low income Clevelanders while also paving a path for other PHAs to follow.
  3. Richard Gentry- San Diego Housing Commission- Under Richard’s leadership the agency started the Achievement Academy which has allowed thousands of low income residents the opportunity to find jobs and meaningful income.  The MTW agency has also led the way in rent reform, optimization of caseloads and real estate development on the west coast.
  4. Shannon Oury- Lawrence Douglas Housing Authority- Shannon runs a very innovative PHA in a college town in Kansas.  She has pushed her agency to move towards a lean culture.  This MTW agency has also pushed the boundaries on local-non traditional programs for homeless.  They are doing sponsor based housing and funding prison re-entry programs.  Under her leadership, LDCHA is known as not just an innovative small PHA but one of the most innovative period.

Do you know other innovative PHA directors?  email us at info@housing-futures.org


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