The 6 Largest Cities in the USA and a Count of Their Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Units


Apparently the size of your city has nothing to do with how affordable housing the federal government issues.  While New York and Chicago seem to be somewhat reasonable, Phoenix has less affordable housing then the city of Cleveland or Baltimore.  I wonder if Toledo, Ohio might have more than Phoenix.

  1. New York-  Population- 8,550,000 people- Public Housing Units- 177,000- HCVs-99,000
  2. Los Angeles– Population- 3,971,000 people- Public Housing Units-7,100- HCVs- 50,000
  3. Chicago- Population- 2,720,000 people- Public Housing Units-21,865 units- HCVs-54,733
  4. Houston- Population-2,296,000 people- Public Housing Units- 3,934 units- HCVs-17,674
  5. Philadelphia- Population-1,567,000 people- Public Housing Units-13,370 units- HCVs- 20,925
  6. Phoenix- Population- 1,563,000 people- Public Housing Units-2,970 units- HCVs- 6,570


What other large cities are under-resourced?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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