Largest Public Housing Authorities in Arizona by Unit Count

The State of Arizona is under-resourced compared to other states across the USA.  Phoenix is one of the largest cities but has less units than Cleveland, Ohio.

1.Phoenix Housing–9500 units

2.Tucson Housing- 6300 total units

3. AHCCCS programs- 3143 units This is an outlier program as the State Medicaid department subsidizes thousands of persons with mental illness throughout the state of Arizona.

4.Mesa Housing Authority-1700 units

5.Maricopa County Housing Authority- 1700 units

6.Yuma Housing Authority –1200 units

7.Glendale Housing Authority-1100 units

8.Tempe Housing Authority- 1052 units

9.Pima County Housing Authority- 877 units

10.Flagstaff Housing Authority –734 units

11.Cochise County Housing Authority-524 units

Are there any other PHAs or housing programs we are missing here?  Leave a comment or email us at



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