4 Powerful Public Housing Supporters in Politics You Should Know

We in the affordable housing sector can only do the work based on the funding we receive.  We need world class politicians to help us get the most funding possible to support the programs we administer.   Below you will learn about 5 politicians who have advocated and supported affordable housing programs.

Patty Murray.jpg

Patty Murray- Senator Washington State-  

You would be hard pressed to find someone in D.C. that supports affordable housing more than Senator Murray.  In fact, four housing authorities in Washington state today honored Sen. Patty Murray with a special award. The King County, Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver housing authorities recognized the senator’s leadership on behalf of low-income families and individuals living in the state. In particular, Sen. Murray was praised for her leadership in securing continuance of current contract terms and conditions for extensions of Moving To Work (MTW) agreements with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The four housing authorities are among 39 nationwide that have MTW agreements with HUD, which enable high-performing housing authorities to test and implement innovative, locally designed approaches to administer their federally subsidized housing programs. Together the four authorities serve 39,473 households through these programs.  Her advocacy and support really has been at a national level and the down hill effect is good for her home state too.

maria can.jpg

Maria Cantwell- Washington State Senator

Again, another Washington State Senator comes up to bat for affordable housing.  Senator Cantwell created a bill to expand the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) by 50% h Under the proposal, the expanded LIHTC program would help create or preserve approximately 1.3 million affordable homes over a 10-year period—an increase of 400,000 more units than is possible under the current program. The expansion would be phased in by 10% per year for the next five years.  With the passing of the tax act, tax credits are in a dangerous spot.  We will see if any movement is made on affordable housing in the coming years.


Congressman Jose E.  Serrano of New York State-

This congressman is heavily invested in the idea of affordable housing.  He has been committed to the idea that low income and working families have a right to safe, decent and affordable housing in this country. He is a member of the House Appropriations Committee, and consistently advocates and votes in favor of funding increases for affordable housing.  He believes that whether the issue is fighting to ensure that this country’s Public Housing Authorities are funded at their needed levels, or that local agencies are equipped to fight homelessness, or that there is a crack down on predatory, unscrupulous housing lenders who prey on people’s desire to own a home, Serrano is a firm believer that housing ought to be among our top national priorities.


Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY)-  

This representative has shown her commitment to the health of those living in public housing.  She put a lot of pressure on the New York City Housing Authority on how they handle their lead based paint housing units.  Lead represents a danger to the health of children living in public housing.  The Congresswoman is also a strong advocate for public housing residents and has taken steps to preserve and revitalize government-owned housing properties. To address the shortage of affordable housing, she supports efforts that combine housing market-driven solutions, federal support, and state and local initiatives.


What other representatives and senators are out there doing great work on behalf of public housing?  Let us know at info@housing-futures.org








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