5 Reasons Why Republicans Should Support Affordable Housing


Many republicans support affordable housing but there is a good portion of them that do not.  Here are some of the reasons Republicans should support affordable housing.

  1. Construction Jobs: Republicans are often looking for ways to boost the economy and stimulate jobs.  One of the greatest indicators of a healthy economy is how many new homes are being built.  Affordable housing is another tool in the toolkit for republicans looking to move the economy in the right direction.
  2. Stable Living=Increased Upward Mobility: While many Republicans do not like the idea of government assistance, it cannot be argued that an affordable stable place to live helps drive better outcomes. How can a person focus on finishing their education or looking to get a better job if they do not have stable housing?
  3. Healthier Communities: One of the largest drivers for healthy living is affordable housing. Social determinants of health are becoming a bigger driver for many in the healthcare industry and it makes sense for republicans to embrace this movement.
  4. Safer Communities: When people do not have a place to live and become homeless, they become desperate. Homelessness can lead to criminal behavior that makes average citizens anxious and nervous to be in different areas of a city.  That is not what any good politician would want to see.
  5. Economic Impact on Businesses: Homeless persons hanging out in front of a shop or in a retail area has become a hot topic in many communities. Some cities try to make ordinances against those people.  In many situations those communities look horrible and are lambasted in the media.  Housing these people makes a lot of business sense not to mention is the right thing to do.

Conclusion: What other reasons can you think of?  Let us know at info@housing-futures.org

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